Worlds Fastest Racers



PowerMod continues to be relied on by some of the fastest motorbikes in achieving blistering quarter mile times.


S&R Pro's turbo Suzuki Hayabusa best quarter mile:

7.69 @ 193mph


Borg Brother's Racing turbo Suzuki Hayabusa best quarter mile:

7.70 @ 192mph




Fast and Easy to perform. Whether you are at the racetrack or on the dyno.


Don't waste expensive dyno time by having to upload a map, then check the result only to have to do it all again.


Tune fuel mapping to any required air/fuel ratio. Adjust fuel flow (injector pulse width) from –99% to +100%.


Alter any ignition timing to any required value by advancing or retarding up to 50 degrees.




For multi stage engines having 4 primary and 4 secondary fuel injectors the PowerMod provides a one box solution. No need to buy two units to do a proper tune!



The PowerMod has fuel control, ignition control and auxiliary outputs all in the one unit.


Helpful software tuning tools:


Engine load and rpm history indicator.


Quick key to jump to current engine load point.


Separate Fuel and Ignition trim


Boost control trim (both software or external control).


Warning indicator when fuel injector duty cycle is nearing 100%.


Quick copy of load points to entire column or row.


Built in fuel injector drivers allow to option to run low or high resistance fuel injectors.


Tune using manifold pressure (inbuilt +22PSI MAP or external GM 1/2/3 Bar) or Throttle Position.


Fuel and Ignition mapping to 20,000 RPM


Overboost fuel cut eliminator built-in to the PowerMod.





Daily Rides



The PowerMod proves it's versatility by also being used on daily ride motorbikes along with quarter mile weapons.



Changed your exhaust or air filter?


Then you will want to make the most potential power of your modification.


The PowerMod can change the air:fuel ratio and alter the ignition timing to make your engine power delivery smooth yet powerful.



Want to make more modifications later?


No matter what you want to do in the future the PowerMod is ready and equipped to give you the maximum power potential of any modification.





FOUR auxiliary outputs to choose from:


Boost Control (either open or closed loop) using an aftermarket solenoid.


Nitrous (wet system) control.


Nitrous (dry system) control with additional fuel mapping.


RPM activated solenoid control.


Gear change shift light.


Intercooler spray.


Extra fuel pump control.


Generic output if the above is not suitable.





Comprehensive display of live real time and logged engine data parameters allowing analysis of:


Air/Fuel ratio


Fuel injector duty cycle and opening duration


Mass Airflow Meter and Manifold

Absolute Pressure voltages


Engine tachometer


Throttle Position Sensor


Manifold pressure


Fuel and Ignition change


Application List:


Harley Davidson






Email for your specific model application. We are constantly updating our application list.