EASY to use PC software allows all fuel and ignition changes to be programmed in 'real-time'.


Ignition timing and fuel mixture changes are totally independent of one another.


Tune fuel mapping to any required air/fuel ratio. Adjust fuel flow (injector pulse width) from -99% to +100%.


ADVANCE or RETARD ignition timing by +/- 50 degrees at any engine RPM and load point.


Tune using manifold pressure (inbuilt +22PSI MAP or external GM 1/2/3 Bar) or Throttle Position.


Every automotive Fuel, Ignition and Stand-alone Map is constructed of 17 load points, every 500rpm, up to 10,000 rpm.



Fuel Map (click on image to enlarge)



Helpful software tuning tools:


Engine load and rpm history indicator.


Quick key to jump to current engine load point.


Seperate Fuel and Ignition trim.


Boost control trim (both software or external control).


Warning indicator when fuel injector duty cycle is nearing 100%.


Quick copy of load points to entire column or row.



Ignition Map (click image to enlarge)





Comprehensive display of real time and logged engine data parameters allowing analysis of:


Air/Fuel ratio


Fuel injector duty cycle and opening duration


Mass Airflow Meter and Manifold

Absolute Pressure voltages


Engine tachometer


Throttle Position Sensor


Manifold pressure


Fuel and Ignition change






The ‘Pro Sequential’ ECU stands apart from most other piggy back computers because fuel mixture is modified by intercepting the actual fuel injector pulse signal, not by modifying Airflow meter or MAP sensor signals. This method enables engines with larger size injectors, even low resistance injectors, to be tuned with ease.


Retain your factory idle, cruise control, dashboard functions, fuel closed loop control, knock sensing, DSP, ESP and traction control.


Fuel can be modified +/-100% and ignition timing up to +/-50 degrees totally independent of each other at any engine speed or load.


On board 22psi boost MAP sensor ensures a correct tune even if the original engine sensors have been ‘saturated’ or reached their maximum reading. The PowerMod ensures a quick and easy tune with predictable and consistent results.





  • Can control larger capacity HIGH or LOW resistance injectors (with low resistance injector driver option).


  • ADVANCE or RETARD ignition timing at any engine RPM and load point. Why be limited not being able to advance timing?


  • All existing features of the engine management system will be retained and not affected (including factory service diagnostics OBDI and OBDII and CAN bus systems).


  • Interceptor can be easily removed if required, returning the system back to standard.


  • Does not lose tune if the stock ECU gets re-flashed during servicing.


  • Built in turbo OVER BOOST fuel-cut eliminator.


  • Ideal for applications such as supercharging/turbo charging and modifying naturally aspirated engines.


  • Real-timing tuning. No uploading of entire tunes and waiting for programming.


  • Custom tune your engine - why be limited to a choice of pre-programmed tunes?


  • Easy and fast tuning - less dyno time needed.



Value for money:


What other companies consider 'options' we have fitted as standard!


Every PowerMod unit has fitted as standard:


High resistance fuel injector control.


Ignition control.


Onboard 22 PSI MAP sensor.


FOUR Auxiliary Outputs, TWO Auxiliary Inputs.


Overboost fuel cut eliminator.


No need to purchase separate wiring harness:

fuel / ignition / auxiliary outputs, ALL are supplied.



Optional Extras:


Low resistance fuel injector drivers.


External 1/2/3 Bar GM MAP sensor.



FOUR Auxiliary Outputs:


Boost Control (either open or closed loop) using factory or aftermarket solenoid.


Nitrous (wet system) control.


Nitrous (dry system) control with additional fuel mapping.


RPM activated solenoid control.


Gear change shift light.


Intercooler spray.


Extra fuel pump control.


Generic output if the above is not suitable.



Auxliary Outputs (click on image to enlarge)



Boost Control (click on image to enlarge)



Supplementary Fueller:


Interceptor can be used as a powerfully featured supplementary injector controller with 4 auxliary outputs and ignition control.